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Giving Back

Whenever we travel we always look for ways to give back.

We have been very fortunate to have the means to travel the world and when we see conditions in the countries we visit we feel the need to do something, no matter how small.

We booked the Old Delhi Food Tour with “Delhi Food Walks” and they took us to the Muslim section for the second part. Mark will elaborate on the rest of the tour, we felt this needed its own blog.

At quite a few of the street food places, we noticed there were large crowds of people sitting on the ground out front and we asked our guide what they were doing.

The Muslim culture in Old Delhi does not endorse giving people money since there is no guarantee they won’t use it for drugs or alcohol.

So the food vendors wait for someone to make a donation and the number of people that get food depends on how much is given. We made a donation and immediately they started filling bowls with biryani with a little meat. It was pretty amazing to see the happiness in the faces of the people getting food.

On our way back we passed the place again and saw 4 people still sitting there, so we paid for their food.

It just made our hearts warm.

We do not do this, nor are we posting about it for the pat on the back. We want people to know if they are ever traveling in India and see large numbers of people sitting around a food vendor, walk up and ask if they are waiting for donations.

In the Muslim section, we would bet they are. We didn’t take any pictures out of respect for the people, they need a little dignity. ❤️

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  1. easterntrekker

    It back memories of the poverty we saw while in India…
    We are works travellers ..our goal of life ..let’s follow each other. I 😃


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