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McDonald’s When You Travel

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Admittedly, Chuck and I are foodies, I write Yelp reviews of restaurants, and we also blog about meals when we travel.

I’m a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, we cook from scratch a majority of the time, rarely eat processed foods and are pretty adventurous eaters.

Truthfully, we rarely eat fast food, but I have been known to grab an Egg White Delight McMuffin when we’re on the road.

I recently came across this hysterical YouTube video by comedian Jim Gaffigan on the topic of eating at McDonald’s – and it’s way too funny.

Hanging in Shanghai

Several years ago, we were at the end of an incredible fifteen-day trip across China, flying from Yichang to Shanghai.

We arrived in Shanghai ahead of schedule to heavy rains and too early to check into our new hotel rooms. We all headed to the mall and checked out the modern shopping complex.

Surprisingly a good number of us headed to McDonald’s to grab a bite – not because we were craving McDonald’s but to see what they had to offer in China.

We all admitted that even with the incredible, mostly family-style meals we had on the trip, we all really needed a break from Chinese food and wanted something somewhat familiar.

While there was an interesting number of Rice Bowl dishes with chicken cutlets and the like, there were a good number of burger options, including a German styled burger with a grilled sausage link.

Heading to India

Very shortly, Chuck and I will be heading to India, arriving in Delhi and ending in Mumbai with several larger cities and rural areas in between.

Obviously, street food and regional Indian specialties at smaller restaurants are high on our list.

However, for the first time ever, we’re adding eating at McDonald’s to our list of Must Do dining experiences.

With a majority population in India being Hindu and not eating beef and a huge vegetarian population, McDonald’s in India is very different

McNuggets and Fries

In looking at their online menus, we found that standards like McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish, and Fries are all available as well as some exciting twists.

The Chicken Maharaja Mac is an interesting twist on a Big Mac combining ‘chunky juicy grilled chicken patty” with jalapeno, onion, cheddar cheese, and a habanero sauce.

Mc Maharaja - McDonald's in India- non veg items at McDonald's in India

Traditional Fries are available as well as Mexican Cheesy Fries and Masala Wedges, a thick-cut fry with a flavorful masala seasoning.

Mc Vegetarian

The menu showcases a vast selection of vegetarian selections ranging from a Veg McMuffin to Salsa Bean Burgers and a Dosa Masala with a Whole Wheat Bun. An Mc Aloo, Green Chili Aloo Naan, and a Hashbrown on a Whole Wheat bun round out the list.

green chili aloo naan - McDonald's in India - vegetarian food at McDonald's in India

We’re not looking to make a steady diet of Indian fast food specialties, but we are absolutely going to check out McDonald’s in India.

Where have you tried McDonald’s and what was the most interesting thing you tried?


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