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When Airlines Lose Your Luggage

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Recently, Chuck’s sister-in-law and several family and friends flew into Orlando and drove over to St. Petersburg to stay overnight with us before their cruise out of Tampa.

A Losing Proposition

As luck would have it her checked luggage was lost by the airline!

For many people on vacation, this is more annoying than a huge inconvenience. In many cases, the luggage appears and is sent to your hotel in a few hours.

However, she was now an hour and a half away from the airport, and as of 10 AM, the next morning would be boarding a ship headed out to sea for 7 days before returning to Orlando.

Ultimately, they tracked her luggage down in Cancun and it would not make it back in time for her departure. So we sent her off on a shopping mission to buy new clothes and toiletries for her cruise.

What’s In Your Carry-On?

We learned a long time ago on a trip from Philly to Walt Disney World to over pack our carryon. It only takes once for your luggage to be “misplaced’ and not arrive until much later that day for you to know to pack a bathing suit and a full change of clothes in your carryon luggage.

Walking around in the same clothes you left Philly in, when it was freezing cold, teaches you a valuable lesson.

traveler's suitcase - cross packing your suitcase - what happens when the airlines lose your suitcase

Cross Packing

We have talked repeatedly about completely cross packing larger suitcases when we travel and have yet to actually do this.

I can’t imagine what we would have done if upon arriving in Kenya we had one suitcase missing and had to head off to buy clothes for ten days of game drives across several regions of Kenya.

In a few months, we’ll be heading on a group tour to India, visiting seven cities, mostly around the Golden Triangle. We arrive in Delhi about twenty-four hours ahead of the tour and have just one full day before hitting the road.

We ABSOLUTELY swear that we will be cross packing for this trip.

Luggage - Mark and Chuck's Adventures - cross packing luggage - lost luggage - what happens when an airline loses your luggage

Do you cross pack when you travel?

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