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What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?


When we were younger, we traveled a but really developed a passion for travel in our 40s, and over the last seventeen years together have started working on a bucket list.

Seven Ancient Wonders

One of our bucket lists, yes, we have more than one, are the Seven Modern Wonders.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with that list, initially, there were Seven Ancient Wonders.

Except for the Great Pyramid of Giza, the others were destroyed by the 15th century, so we are not seeing them any time soon.


Modern Wonders

The list of Seven Modern Wonders includes:

The Great Pyramid of Giza holds an honorary status as an eighth wonder.

Of that list, Chuck and I have been to Chichen Itza separately and together. Chuck went at a time where you could still navigate the passageways under the Temple of Kukulcan, and we’ve been when you were still able to climb to the top.


Mark And Chuck's Adventures - Chichen Itzá - Seven Modern Wonders of the World

El Castillo also is known as Temple of Kukulcan

Mark and Chuck's Adventures- Chichen Itza - Temple of Kukulcan - El Castillo - Seven Modern Wonders of the World

View from the top of Temple of Kukulcan


We visited the Colosseum in Rome on a Mediterranean cruise for my fiftieth birthday.

Mark And Chucks Adventures - Roman Colosseum - Seven Modern Wonders of the World

The Roman Colosseum

Mark and Chucks Adventures - Rome, Italy - Colosseum - Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Inside the Colosseum in Rome


In 2018, we traveled to China as part of a group tour visiting Beijing and climbing The Great Wall, about an hour outside of the city.

Mark And Chuck's Adventures - Beijing China - Great Wall of China - Gate 1 Travel - Seven Modern Wonders of the World

Climbing the Great Wall of China

Mark and Chuck's Adventures- Beijing China - The Great Wall of China - Seven Modern Wonders of the World - Gate 1 Travel

View from the top of The Great Wall of China


Next year we are headed to India for fifteen days in the spring, including a visit to the Taj Mahal, and in the fall, we are heading to Machu Picchu and two more wonders off our list bringing our current total to five.

Chuck, who has had back surgery, and does a 165-mile charity bike ride every year, climbed up to the top of The Great Wall, past the fourth rampart.

We are still pretty active travelers, admittedly we don’t stay in a hostel and like the comfort of a nice hotel, but we enjoy very physical vacations.

We moved Machu Picchu up on our travel list for two reasons. First, we knew that at some point, Chuck’s back might make it difficult for him to navigate. Secondly, we are afraid that at some time in the future the wear and tear of visitors and the effects of pollution may limit what we would be able to see.


See The World

Modern Wonders are only part of our list. Our recent trip to Kenya and game drives on the Masai Mara were at the top of Chuck’s list.

Somewhere down the road, I would like to see the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria and also head back to the Netherlands during tulip season.

So, what’s on your travel bucket list?



2 Responses to “What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?”

  1. Carol

    I too am hoping to see the Christmas markets. Perhaps in 2020. I am going to focus on the National Parks in the next 2 years. I cannot believe I have been to so few of the biggies! I have the luxury of traveling off peak and hope to catch them during their shoulder seasons. You will love Machu Picchu. If still planning, stay overnight in MP town to catch the early bus up for first entry and stay again overnight after your visit. It clears out after day trippers leave and would be a great time for a massage.

    • Mark

      Thanks, Carol! We’ll be in Aguas Caliente overnight and our tour package has us heading out first thing in the morning on The Voyager Train. We’ll be sure to share our incredible adventure!


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