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We are super excited about an incredible app called Eatwith.

Eatwith - local food app - food tours - cooking classes - dining experience

Our friend Debbie was traveling in Europe, and another traveler had turned her onto the app. So, she checked it out while traveling in Brussels.

The app offers “food experiences with locals around the world,” including Food Tours, local Cooking Classes, and Dining Experiences in over 130 countries.

You simply search a city you might be traveling to and find experiences offered by locals at incredible prices.

Debbie enjoyed dinner with several other people, all strangers, seeing an authentic local experience. The hosted in a private home the host created a beautifully served four-course meal with beer and wine for $45.00 US

Debbie commented –

Best cheese croquette I have ever eaten. Light and absolute perfection with three cheeses, parmesan, gruyere, and another local cheese that I did not recognize.

Eatwith - local dining experience - cheese croquettes - eating in Brussels - local food experience in Belgium

So, with a trip to India planned for early next spring and a few nights free, we decided to check out a few cities to see what they had to offer.

We looked a Jaipur where we had a free night and found a local food tour, several local Indian cooking classes, and a dinner listed as “Rajasthan on a Plate.”

A local woman was hosting dinner from 5-15 guests with the opportunity to bring your own alcohol.

It was served in their family dining room and included: a traditional soup course made with millet, an appetizer course of spinach and gram flour dumplings, and the main course that included five or six vegetarian dishes, assorted Indian bread dessert and local chai for $34.00!

It also lists reviews from previous diners, and information like that the host has two dogs, she has run a preschool for 17 years and runs a B&B and it also includes a map giving you a general area of the city where the dinner is located, before booking.

You simply search a city, plug in a date and number of guests and find an experience and click Request To Book.

Chuck and I always try to do a food tour and eat as much local food as possible when we travel, and this is a fantastic tool.

We’re not sure if our schedule in Jaipur will allow us to check out this dinner as we are traveling with friends and part of a larger group, but this tool is now part of our travel planning arsenal.

Thanks, Eatwith!


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