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Still Lion Around….

After returning from our visit to the Maasai Village we all headed to the dining area for lunch. After lunch we had a little time to relax before heading out for our last game drive.

Once again our mission was in search of lions, and we weren’t disappointed. I’ll just throw these out there, they need no commentary.

And of course we need to throw in some zebra, elephants, hyena, and wildebeest.

When we arrived at the entrance to Mara Intrepids we were all invited to the top of a three story tower that was a lookout over the Mara. Our guides brought out glasses, red and white wine, soda and snacks asked us if we wanted to share anything about our journey. Most of us shared what the trip meant to us. For me, a lifelong dream that took 60 years to fulfill. As people shared, the emotions started to creep in for most of us.

No dramatic sunset for us, we had a torrential downpour after we got to the top of the tower and our hosts told us this was considered to be good luck.

I love these candelabra trees, they were found throughout our travels.

And a big shout out and thank to Yusuf who was our driver for the trip. Took him a little while to loosen up but we cracked his shell. Thanks to all the wonderful people we met: Stacey, Sharyl, Lyndsey, Julie, Angelica, Jasmine, Hernandez family, and Aunt Ellen and husband (inside joke). And last but not least our wonderful jeep mates, thank you for sharing this awesome journey with us (Lance, Sabrina, Tristan and Karen).

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