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How Close Is Close?

If you have been following along with our trip to Kenya, you have probably seen a mix of images including food, people, hotels/tent camps, local sites, and of course animals.

The photographs mix several different styles as Chuck, and I bounced shooting with our iPhones, his Nikon D5200 with a 200.0-500.0mm lens and my old Canon Rebel XT with an 18.0-55.0mm lens.

Obviously, Chuck’s 200.0-500.0mm lens took all of the incredible close-up images. The ones where you are looking straight into an animal’s eyes.

But, sometimes it is hard to tell exactly how close we were to the animals.

So here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ images of our Gate 1 Travel game drives. Some were in Samburu National Reserve, and others on the Maasai Mara.

I wanted to show a little depth of field shooting from our safari vehicle, some showing the other two vehicles in our party and one showing our new friend Sabrina, from Denton Texas, leaning out the window. 

I hope you enjoy them and get an idea of exactly how close to these incredible animals we were.

2 Responses to “How Close Is Close?”

  1. Scott

    You guys need to match a pic that Chuck took, with one of these, so we can see how well Chuck did. All awesome photos, though. Love reading your Blog.

    • Mark Kingsdorf

      Thanks! Unfortunately, with six of us in our safari vehicle, we were all shooting different things at different angles at the same time.


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