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The Truth About Truck Stops

Ok, ok, I can hear several friends laughing already.

We traveled several hours in a bus heading from Chengdu to Chongqing with a few stops along the way.

When we entered the highway our driver had to stop at a checkpoint, get out of the bus and sign in. Apparently, truck drivers in China can’t be on the road for more than four consecutive hours. (what a NOVEL idea!)

So, part way through we had to stop for him to have a break of a minimum of 20 minutes. This was actually perfect for a bus full of tourists.

The truck stops are CRAZY! Beautifully landscaped, great views of terraced tea plants, fountains and water features as well.

They have tea shops with tastings, you can buy local ceramic tea pots, great local foods, snacks and drinks and they have relatively clean bathrooms.

I was pleasantly surprised…

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