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Western Food Gone Wrong

One of the ONLY things we didn’t really enjoy out of the entire trip was a stop for lunch on the way to see the Xi’an Terracotta Warriors.

Most of our meals had been served family style and were Chinese food.

This is was actually at a beautiful 5 Star hotel with immaculate western style ‘happy rooms’.

Finding nice western style toilets and clean bathrooms is HUGE when traveling the countryside.

The Chinese Chefs’ attempt at western food was interesting, at best.

Because it was a plated lunch we preordered the previous day.

The first option was Spaghetti with either meat sauce to tomato sauce. This entrée came with ‘minestrone soup’ and all the selections were served with a tossed salad, garlic bread, and cake for dessert.

The other selection was Grilled Chicken Breast with a Black Pepper Sauce, this came with Mushroom Soup.

We figured this would probably be the lesser of two evils. The puréed mushroom soup was exactly that, puréed mushrooms in broth. Practically no flavor, the salad was … well, salad. Thousand Island Dressing seems to be really popular, thin, light pink and OK.  Just like the Chinese buffets use for their sale dressing….lol

The chicken was moist and the pepper sauce was light and peppery.

It was probably the least eventful of all of the meals…

Ehhh, it was a change and we had clean, modern, western style toilets.

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