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Huanglongxi Village

After our visit to the Leshan Stone Buddha we stopped at this village on our way to Chengdu. It is an historic village dating back 1700 years. The village has been restored to its original charm but most of the original buildings have been turned into stores for souvenirs or food. We really enjoyed experiencing this village, getting to see the locals and getting some good food and souvenirs. The locals were a little aggressive with trying to give you shoulder massages. We learned the phrase “buyao xiexie” which means don’t want, thank you, before we got to China.

The Huanglong River flows through the village as pictured in the following photos.

The locals loved playing in the water.

A few more pics of the water features. It’s amazing how much effort the Chinese put into bringing nature into everything.

This sweet lady was selling little flowers that had a mild gardenia smell and we couldn’t resist.

We had fish massages here like we did in Thailand, but the fish here were much bigger. They cost 15rmb which comes to about $2.50.

These guys look hungry.

A few pictures of some of the locals:

Me eating a grasshopper, actually ate 2. I shared the others and had no problem finding takers……lol

These sesame balls were dough with honey, they looked better than they tasted. They were very dry and not sweet.

Two Muslim men were making this bread, the locals said they are very good but we were having lunch next and did not want to fill up.

These 2 men were making Chinese peanut brittle, it was delicious and we bought 2 bags.

A motorized shish-kabob cooker.

The Chinese version of Love Park, the streamers are prayers and well wishes.

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