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Titan Times Hotel Xi’an

Two cities, a cruise, food tour and long, long flights later I’m still working on getting caught up on blog posts.

While Chuck was working from an iPad with a keyboard most of my images are here on my iPhone so it’s a slow blogging process whenever we have access to WiFi.

Because of a canceled flight from Beijing (summit of regional leaders closed the airport), we got a later flight and arrived in Xi’an late afternoon, went straight to the dumpling dinner and returned to the hotel for a pretty late check-in.

The best thing I can say about the hotel is the location. It’s right across from the entrance to the West Gate of the Old Xi’an City. It’s also across from the west city wall park.

Chuck and I took a long walk after the dumpling dinner. Needed to get some steps in after a long train ride and heavy dinner.

Even after dark this beautifully landscaped Park is filled with people singing, dancing and just sitting talking. It was nearly 9 pm and there were people everywhere.

We were the only non-Asians we encountered, we crossed at the next traffic circle ( a huge fete) and walked back through the neighborhood adjacent to the hotel and never felt unsafe.


The hotel itself was clean and fairly modern. We were told that the restaurant where we’d be having breakfast was undergoing renovations so it was served in a banquet room on the 4th floor.

The room had a sitting area with a love seat and tv, the bathroom was huge and had a soaking tub ( which I wished we had used. The bed was as hard as most Chinese beds.

The breakfast was OK, however, the omelet station was never staffed until late in the morning and most of the food quality and presentation was not as good as other hotels we stayed at.

The location was its biggest plus.

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