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Last Night In Thailand

A cab ride to Asiatique during rush hour was an adventure and a great way to see the city’s side streets and residential neighborhoods.

Asiatique is a much more upscale, less gritty market than Patpong Night Market. Clean, well light, some chain stores, a very upscale Lady Boy Show, a Thai Boxing arena and a waterfront with a fun arcade.

It has a fun ‘lock bridge’, they have created a bridge and sell hearts and locks where you can sign them and lock them on the bridge.


The coolest thing about Asiatique HAS to be the Fish Spas – there were a number of these places where they large fish tanks with benches; filled with tiny little minnow sized fish.

You sit with your feet in the water and these fish eat the dead skin off of your feet. It tickles A LOT, its supposed to be great for your circulation and is lots of fun…


For 150 Thai Baht for 15 minutes (about $4.28 US) we just couldn’t pass this up.


These to girls from Japan were HYSTERICAL, they were screaming and laughing and giggling for the entire 15 minutes.

Shortly after this we headed back to  our hotel, reorganized all the things we bought and grabbed a quick shower, watched a little TV and were ready to go when our airport transfer picked us us a 2:55 am.

Surprisingly Bangkok has quite a bit of traffic at 3:00 am, we still made great time getting to the airport, checked in, treked to the far end of the airport and started the journey home.

Bangkok > Tokyo (6 hours 40 minutes) > Atlanta (12 hours 33 minutes) and then a short trip back to Orlando.




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