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Summer Palace

One of our last stops on our trip back to Bangkok was the Royal Summer Palace, Bang Pa-In Royal Palace.

This palace has beautiful lawns, gardens and a very interesting mix of building styles ranging from Chinese to Swiss and Eastern European.


Our tour manger Ranee lead us through most of the property explaining any of the buildings and sculptures and then left us for time on our own. This day there were TONS of kids there on a field trip; so it was great to have her to show us around.

Our first location was the Thanksgiving tower

Across the water is a European styled structure surrounded by sculptures with a pagoda under renovation in the center of the lake.

Other portions of the property were dotted with other uniquely styled buildings.


I loved the elephant lawn!


We went into this building with the throne room, a beautiful building with family antiques. Like any historic buildings and temples we were required to remove our shows, in this location they were very strict about dress code lades were provided sarongs to cover to their ankles and rented jackets to cover their shoulders – and unfortunately not photos were allowed inside.

Our last stop was a Chinese styled building with beautiful details.


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