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Kids Are Kids

One of the highlights of our trip was a stop at a local elementary school. Gate 1 Travel has a foundation which supports the school and when the tour schedules allow they stop to meet the kids.


On the day we were to arrive the older kids were going into Bangkok on a field trip; but the preschool kids were there!

Many of us brought crayons, tablets and school supplies for the school and we were really excited to spend time with the kids.

The kids start the day by raising the flag, singing the Royal Anthem, honoring Buddha and praying for their country, school and families.

Even at this age they take this very seriously and it’s quite an honor to lead the morning activities.


The kids sang and played games in both English and Thai and were very excited to see us; kids are kids, wherever in the world you are.

We had the best time with the kids and they loved having their photos taken.

It’s exciting to see the travel company supporting such a wonderful cause and many of us are planning on sending additional supplies to the school.

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