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Krungsri River Hotel

Tonight we checked into the third hotel of our trip; I guess I’m slightly jaded after the polish and hospitality of our first hotel and beautiful rustic and remote hotel in Kanchanaburi.

This hotel is perfectly nice, it’s a little bit dates and honestly we had very little interaction with the staff so I can’t speak to their warmth or attentiveness.


Located across the bridge from the major sites and right along the river; we found that there was really nothing close by except for a few local massage houses, a 7-11 and a small local grocery.

Probably our favorite thing was a local street vendor making fresh sweets on her cart, complete with a 1980’s tv. These pastries were stretched out, cooked on a flat griddle in butter until lightly browned, brushed with butter, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, sugar and folded. You could also get them with eggs inside, or fresh fruit. The best apart was that we paid 8 Thai Baht each (about .23 cents US!)


Our check in at the hotel was really easy because of our tour manager Ranee who had all of the packets arranged with rooms assigned, keys and breakfast coupons. She handed them to us as we arrived rather than having to go to the front desk.

The lobby and public spaces were really big with lots of seating and beautiful flowers.

Our room was nice size with HUGE , heavy wooden doors that never closed quietly.

It had nice views of the river


And the pool and outdoor spaces were really very pretty

And both the breakfast and dinner buffets had wonderful options.

But I loved the statues outside in the spirit house in the parking lot

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