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Lunch in Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi

Before boarding the commuter train in Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi we had lunch as a small family run restaurant across from the station.

Lunch was served family style for each table of four. We started out with a sweet and sour vegetable soup.


Adding the beer was about 60 Thai Baht (about $1.71 US)


Bottom to top: Stir-fried vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, sesame pork and red curry chicken with Thai Basil. At one point when they were cooking there was a cloud of hot pepper that wafted over all of us…you could hear the coughing start at one end of the room and move through the space.

Nearly every home and practically every business has a spirit house; several have two. The first is often for the original owner of the land and the second, generally placed higher than the first is to the gods and Buddha.

This restaurant was owned by a family of Chinese descent and was a much different style than many we have seen.

The one thing I’m glad I saw AFTER and not before was a woman cooking next to the restaurant.


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