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Siam Niramit

Before traveling from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi we attended a dinner theater called Siam Niramit. We were not permitted to photograph the show itself but prior to the show, we were allowed to tour several replicas of  Thai homes from several regions of the county.

We tried several traditional foods, crafts, see people in traditional dress and also get a blessing.


Traditional crackers of puffed rice


A rice pudding of rice flour and coconut milk baked in a cast-iron mold


Thai flower garland making


A typical southern Thai floating home


Flower making from palm branches


Weaving and costumes from the hill country

The buffet itself was OK with samplings of Thai, Indian and western foods… the only standout food was the noodle soup that you could add your own topping to.

The show was pretty amazing, in a huge theater with 150+ costumed performers, elephants and a stage that they flooded to float boats on. It was broken up into several scenes showing the history of Thailand and the diversity of its people. It also has a scene depicting some beliefs of karma of heaven and hell…. the depiction of some of the torture in hell was a little bit too graphic.

All in all, it was a fun night out and a wonderful learning experience

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