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Couldn’t be more proud…

Thai Green Chicken Curry - Bangkok - Thailand

While Chuck is still somewhat a fussy eater, he’s come a long way since we met 14 years ago. He still has some quirks and is not nearly as adventurous as I am. But today I couldn’t be more proud.

If you saw this morning’s post – the hotel has a full breakfast buffet complete with bacon, eggs made to order, fruit and pastry and Chuck started with Asian style rice porridge with pork balls.

Today we wandered over by the university, off the beaten path to were the locals eat at street carts and had noodle soup. We picked the wide rice noodles and they added fish balls, chicken slices, crispy shallots, green onions and a few other pieces of mystery meat. All cooked streetside – something that 5 years ago I would have bet my savings I’d never see Chuck do.

Noodle Soup - street food - Bangkok street food - Thailand
Thai Green Chicken Curry - Bangkok - Thailand

Tonight we stayed in the hotel and Chuck had Green Curry Chicken with an assortment of unidentified veggies – no questions asked! (They were baby eggplant and some sort of beans).

AND while very afraid of heights he crossed over a skywalk over 8 lanes of traffic to get back to the hotel.


I couldn’t be more proud of you. XOXO

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