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We have arrived….. 

Bangkok - Thailand - Travel blog- travel blogger - Gate 1 Travel - Lumpini Park

Flights are over, thankfully they were very uneventful. Smooth sailing all the way and on time.  Gotta say we loved our Delta Comfort Plus seats, plus I booked early enough we got the bulkhead with even more space.

Flying to Thailand - Delta Airlines - Delta Comfort Plus - Gate 1 Travel

Customs and baggage claim was a breeze, and our car was waiting for us.  We landed at 9:00 and we were checked in at the hotel by 10:15. Hotel is really nice, Aetas Lumpini, and we snagged a room on the 17th floor.  Very nice hotel.

hotel bedroom - Aetas Lumpini Bangkok - Gate 1 Travel
hotel bathroom - Aetas Lumpini Bangkok - Gate 1 Travel

Was a little too late to find dinner out, plus we were tired.  So we did room service.  When in Thailand you have to try the Pad Thai, was pretty good.

Pad Thai - Rooms Service - Aetas Lumpini Hotel Bangkok - Gate 1 Travel - Travel Blogger - Thailand vacation

Tomorrow we start the real adventure.

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  1. Kathy

    Glad u arrived safely. Beautiful hotel room. Dinner looked good. Can’t wait to follow your adventures.

  2. Kristin

    I’m excited to follow this adventure! Eat a yummy dish for me 😊 Enjoy, have fun, and tell us all about it!


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