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Learning Thai Customs

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Wherever we travel we like to find out more about the country we are visiting, the people and their customs. Preparing for Thailand has proven to be really interesting. 

Thailand is known as the country of smiles and the people are very warm and friendly but they like their personal space; public displays of affection are frowned up, modesty is encouraged. 

Feet are considered the lowest part of the body and dirty, sitting with your feet pointed toward anyone is considered rude, sitting with feet toward Buddha is offensive. So Chuck who is used to crossing his legs while sitting in a restaurant will have to be mindful of keeping his feet on the floor. 

The head, on the other hand, is highest and should never be touched. 

Monks are revered and should never be touched, and one should never sit higher than them in a temple. 

The people of Thailand LOVE their Monarchy – the Royal Anthem is played twice a day and everything comes to a halt. Never talk poorly about the Royal Family. 

Crossing all boundaries – NEVER stop a rolling coin or blowing bill with you FOOT. Feet are dirty and you have now used your feet to touch something with the head of the Monarchy on it… a HUGE NO NO! 

Other things of interest are that only Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks in Thailand. Most Thai eat with a fork and spoon, however, the spoon is generally used for eating and bringing food to your mouth and the fork is merely used for pushing…

We’ve been practicing that one…try it sometime

5 Responses to “Learning Thai Customs”

  1. Carol

    I am sitting here with my feet tucked under me as I am reading this! Every time I do this next week I will offer up a prayer that you remember NOT to!

    • David

      My college Thai friends also told me that they are very sensitive to tourists not knowing their customs and extremely forgiving to us rude Americans, hope that is the case in case of a slip up…they are extremely appreciative of those of us, like you and Chuck that care and try to learn and exercise their customs as well…I guess that is why they never crush a beer can with their feet…:-) Have fun…

  2. firelightfarms

    Do they as in India only use the right hand? As some cultures believe the left hand dirty or cursed? (It’s a bathroom thing)

    • chuckandmarkthailand2016

      not sure if this holds true, but this is what we found:

      Do eat with your spoon and not your fork; the spoon in your right hand, fork is in your left. Use the fork to push food onto your spoon and put the spoon in your mouth.


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